Well known literary figure

Although she was a well known literary figure  since the start of her career, it was her 2004 bestselling novel, Peer-e-Kamil (The Perfect Mentor) that gained her as-tounding  success and made her a household name. This novel has become her iden-tity – one she is extremely proud of, as this novel is dedi-cated to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and tells how   that one man is still mentoring lives.
Umera Ahmed was born on December 10, 1976 and started her writing career at a very young age. She has a master in English literature from Murray College, Sialkot, Pakistan – the same one that produced one of the finest philosophers and poets  of 21st century,Dr. Allama Mu-hammad Iqbal. She  has taught at Saint Anthony’s Convent Sialkot (1996) and also as a Cambridge teacher at Army Public College, Sialkot,( 1999-2004) but gave it up later to  completely devote her focus towards writing.
Furthermore she has done professional courses from Ali Institute of Education Lahore (2000),Catholic Board of Education Lahore (2000), British Council Lahore (2001-2002), LUMS (2004) and Creative Writing and Screenplay Writing Courses from Arvon Foundation UK (2007).


of Popular

Urdu fiction

Umera  Ahmed – the name that changed the face of popular Urdu fiction, helped revolutionize the 8 o’clock-TV serial in Pakistan, and shook the mindsets of readers that adore her every word. She is a young author with great conviction and an unbending faith in the goodness of hu-manity. Her stories are a form of inspiration for many out there, and she has helped people change lives – all through  what  she  writes. She       is      a      bestselling

author, an award winning screenplay   writer  and  a fine human  being. She started  her  writing career with  writing  stories  and novels for monthly maga-zines, Shua and Khawateen. Her pragmatic approach to-wards world, life and Allah, her  use  of  simple  words, and     an     uncanny    skill at creating suspense and shake   audience   garnered her  early  fan  following, which has only grown and multiplied        since       then.

Successful Ventures

She has written many original screenplays, as well as adap-tations  of  her  original  novels into  screenplays.  Her  novels like  Darbar-e-Dil,  LaHaasil, Amar    Bail,    Man-o-Salwa, Main ne Khawabon ka Shajar Dekha   Hai  (Doraha),   Thoda sa Aasman,  and  Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan,which were adapted  for  TV  serials  have won  her   multiple  awards  for the best writer. Her original screenplays   include   success-ful ventures  like  Wujood-e-Laraib, Malaal, Uraan, Wapsi, and  The Ghost.  Wujood-e-Laraib was her first original screenplay, and won her an award      for the     best     writer.

On the contrast, very few popular
fiction writers can claim to have a
life altering influence on their
something which Umera Ahmed can rightly claim

But awards are something that many writers can claim of winning; ‘bestseller’ also rep- resents a figure of x million copies of a work sold. On the contrast, very few popular fic- tion writers can claim to have a life altering influence on their readers – something which Umera Ahmed can rightly claim. It is her unique, upfront and proactive approach towards some very sensitive   topics   in Pakistani

society that is behind her phenomenal success.She dissects issues that no one even dares to breathe about. She has her own stance and view on all aspects of life – and she doesn’t hesitate to open her reader’s eyes to this new vision.
She is currently working on a script for a film, an episodic novel for a monthly magazine and another one of her adapted    screenplay is being

aired   these days   on a TV channel. With so much going on, she   enjoys  the          unequivo- cal    loyalty     of   her   fans,   and feels humbled by the bless- ings   of Allah and    Prophet  Mu- hammad (PBUH). She has experienced an     unparalleled      success   among   her     peers, and   has only been humbled     and       matured by it. She is at    the prime   of her   career, and for the   talent    like hers,    the sky   is    merely    another     step.